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  • drugbogus_bp

    Is Medicare’s list of drugs bogus?

    Regardless of what Medicare has to say, Nexium isn’t the most expensive drug as part of the US Medicare drug program. According to data which was released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, giving Nexium to patients of Medicare cost taxpayers in America $2.5 billion in the year 2013. Despite this, AstraZeneca, the …more

  • tissue_bp

    Tissue Regenix’s Medicare reimbursements status

    Tissue Regenix is a regenerative medical device company which has continued to make progress in the health care system of the US. The company has managed to gain approval from CGS Medicare for coverage of reimbursement for the use of the DermaPure treatment by Tissue Regenix. CGS covers the state of Kentucky and Ohio and …more

  • Making-Medicare-cards-safer_bp

    Making Medicare cards safer

    For the past three years, people have been after the federal government to stop the printing of social security numbers on Medicare cards, something which has placed people at risk for losing their finances due to identity theft. The federal government has finally listened. Back in April, President Barack Obama signed off on legislation along …more

  • Indoor-Exercises-To-Help-You-Remain-Active-During-Winter

    New Medicare law introduced

    How would you react if after every year you were faced with your income receiving a cut because you performed specific tasks? This is exactly the same situation in which doctors treating Medicare patients have been living in since the years of Clinton. However congress has now decided to put an end to this game …more

  • drug spending data released

    Drug spending data released by Medicare

    A lot of seniors in the US tend to suffer from the problem of diabetes, a problem which is quite costly. However in Pennsylvania, according to prescription drug data released by Medicare, asthma and respiratory problems are more costly. Advair inhalers which help in treating severe obstructive pulmonary disease symptoms as well as asthma was …more

  • blogpost-2016

    Medicare’s reassessment of lung cancer

    You may have smoked for a number of years and perhaps still do. With Medicare now promising to cover the screening of lung cancer, would you sign up for it? This is certainly a tough question. The requirements for eligibility are quite clear. Those who are between the ages of 55 and 77 can receive …more

  • Debunking Medicare myths

    A number of retirees are provided with Medicare as their financial security and due to this, they know that healthcare costs aren’t going to impact their dreams. While it is important, a lot of people are still unaware of this program which is why people tend to believe a lot of myths which may come …more

  • How-can-Medicare-deliver-meaningful-reforms--bp

    How can Medicare deliver meaningful reforms?

    According to a report by the 2014 Medicare Trustee’s, enrollment in the Medicare Advantage plan has been on the rise for almost a decade. In 2005, around 5.8 million beneficiaries of Medicare were enrolled in this particular plan which comprised of 13.6% of the total number of people enrolled in the program. Today however there …more

  • Why-doesn’t-Medicare-cover-obesity-drugs bp

    Why doesn’t Medicare cover obesity drugs?

    Estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that more than 1/3rd of the adults in the US are obese. A study published by the Journal of Health Economics in 2012 found that the economic costs associated with obesity are great and Americans tend to spend more than $190 billion every year on …more

  • How to place a complaint to Medicare

    How to place a complaint to Medicare

    How complaints and appeals are handled by Medicare is not a small matter. The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services have stated that they review more than 100,000 of these on a yearly basis. Almost 16,000 are filed by beneficiaries annually, which are related to hospital care while 18,000 are regarding nursing homes, hospice programs …more