June 2015

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  • howtolook_bp

    How to look for a new doctor

    With the help of the internet looking for doctors has become quite easy. A number of websites are now available which contain a database of doctors, the medical histories they have had along with patient reviews of them. The following are some sites which can be of help to find the right doctor. The very …more

  • longtermspending_bp

    Long term Medicare spending

    Long term spending projections for Medicare were sharply reduced as a response to the ACA. In 2009, the Trustees of Medicare made projections that spending would reach up to 10% of the GDP by 2065 whereas in 2010 after the enactment by the ACA, it was projected that by 2065, spending would be 6.2% of …more

  • newmedicaredatahold_bp

    New Medicare data holds doctors accountable

    According to data released by the US government, it was found that a small group of doctors were held accountable for a large amount of Medicare payments. In 2013, according to an analysis conducted by Bloomberg on data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, it was found that around 3,900 health care providers …more

  • newlaw_bp

    New law benefiting the health care system

    The President in April celebrated the bipartisan law which was put into effect in the same month. This law which is known as the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act helps in strengthening Medicare which further extends the CHIP which is the Children’s Health Insurance Program along with making a number of changes to the …more

  • Medicare-cards-will-reduce-fraud

    Electronic Medicare cards will reduce fraud

    According to a report released by the Government Accountability Office, Medicare cards which are electronically readable can not only help in reducing fraud but they can also be helpful for making administrative measures more efficient. However due to reluctance being shown by the government agency which is responsible for the Medicare program, these potential benefits …more

  • medicare-phusicians_bp

    Medicare physicians to get better pays

    Recently Congress approved of a bill which will repair the way in which Medicare physicians’ pays would be improved. Such a step marked an achievement on their part and occurred just in time before a 21% cut in doctors pays could go ahead. The final decision was taken with the Senate voting 92-8 for the …more

  • Is-the-US-government-changing-the-Medicare-model

    Is the US government changing the Medicare model?

    A plan was recently revealed by the Obama Administration to control the increased cost of health by moving away $2.9 trillion health systems from being fee-for-service. The Health and Human Services secretary informed reporters that by 2018, 50% of the $362 billion annual payments of Medicare would be handed over to hospitals, doctors as well …more

  • 2simpleways_bp

    2 simple ways to reduce Medicare costs

    Compared to the past few years, costs associated with Medicare have been on a precipitous rise. However with the implementation of some changes which can already be seen as taking place, this increase can be dealt with and two developments can be carried out which can be of great help. The first consists of hospitals …more