How to look for a new doctor

With the help of the internet looking for doctors has become quite easy. A number of websites are now available which contain a database of doctors, the medical histories they have had along with patient reviews of them. The following are some sites which can be of help to find the right doctor.

The very first thing which you should do when looking for a doctor in your area is to get a referral. Get in touch with some professionals, nurses and doctors and ask their opinion about who they trust and like within your locality.

You can even give your insurance provider a call or have a look at their website directory which will be able to give you a list of some potential doctors. If you are enrolled in Medicare, then you can make use of their physician compare tool to find doctors by their name, location and even their specialty.

Once you have a list of names, you can make use of some online resources which can help you in checking out their credentials and work history. The following are some websites which you can make use of to find out some information regarding your list of narrowed down doctors and they will provide you with the information you need for free. this website is very easy to use and will give you information regarding the education and the training of the doctor, any hospitals he may be affiliated with, their board certification as well as any awards of recognitions which they may have received. The website will also provide you with information regarding their misconduct if any as well as malpractice records, any disciplinary action taken against them, where their office may be located and what their insurance plans are. It also provides a rating scale from patients of theirs in the past on issues such as their ratings on communication and their listening skills, how friendly they, how long they were made to wait and how much time was spent by the doctor with the patient. this website will give you background information you will need regarding the awards achieved by the doctor, his expertise, any hospital affiliations he may have along with their insurance plans and ratings done by patients regarding various skills and characteristics of the doctor as well as their visits with them. There is also a comment section on the website which contains comments written by patients about the doctor. this website offers information regarding the training of the doctor and ratings given by the patients on the staff, the punctuality of the doctor, how helpful he is and the knowledge he has. Question and answers can also be posted on the website and ratings of the doctor are based on the reviews written by past patients.

Look Up Tool: if you are looking for the number of times a doctor has performed a service and how much their charges are for it, you can log on to and go on the Medicare Physician and Other Supplier Look Up Tool where you will find the answers this is a membership service which charges $20 a year and provides its subscribers with reviews on doctors with the use of an A-F Scale.


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