Humana Medicare Info

Humana Medicare Plans Offer a Broad Selection of Options to Meet Your Needs

Humana has been a trusted Medicare insurer for more than 20 years, providing affordable plans that fit the needs of Medicare beneficiaries like you. Whether you want basic coverage or rich benefits, they can have a plan for you including Humana Medicare Advantage plans that feature fitness and wellness programs that can help you focus on prevention, save you money and keep you active for years to come.  They also offer MyHumana, a secure website where you can track personal and family health insurance benefits, budget for medical care, and discover more ways to save.

Humana Medicare Supplement Options

Many medicare beneficiaries realize that there regular Medicare does not provide them the medical and health cover they need. That’s why these US citizens over 65 choose supplemental Medicare insurance like the Humana Medicare Supplement. The popular Humana Medicare Supplement plans are strictly regulated and meet all state and federal standards. Customers or their caregivers can sign up for a number of HumanaMedicare products including Plans A, B, C, F along with High Deductible F, K, and of course L.

Humana Part D Coverage

Humana Part D Medicare coverage enables medicare beneficiaries to pay for prescription drugs if they are enrolled in Medicare Part A or Part B. These private run plans are usually necessary to pay for medical prescriptions that are not covered under Medicare. Humana’s Part D is an excellent option for medicare beneficiaries and is offered through two different routes. Consumers can enroll in a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) that only covers the prescriptions the need. The second option from carriers like Humana involves a Medicare Advantage plan (MA) that combines medical treatment and prescription. This option is sometimes abbreviated as MA-PD and is the second most popular choice after PDP.

About Humana

Today’s Humana grew into a very well regarded health insurance company from its humble beginnings in 1961 as a nursing home. The company then evolved and moved into hospitals and later made its mark in Health insurance in 1984. Humana has been exceptionally successful in this area and the Medicare advantage plan seller has been noted for its prominent position within the health insurance industry.

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