New law benefiting the health care system

The President in April celebrated the bipartisan law which was put into effect in the same month. This law which is known as the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act helps in strengthening Medicare which further extends the CHIP which is the Children’s Health Insurance Program along with making a number of changes to the overall system of healthcare. The number of votes received by this law suggests that the possibility still exists of the House and Senate to come together to solve issues.

This move will allow doctors in America who deals with senior patients as well as those who are disable to no longer have to worry regarding the chances that a cut in their pay might occur. Similarly, Medicare beneficiaries too won’t have to worry regarding their chance of seeing a provider getting jeopardized. In the past 13 yrs alone, the pay system of Medicare which was quite flawed caused around 17 potentially deep cuts out of which 5 occurred in 2010 only. With the introduction of this law, the chances of such cuts occurring again is removed and ensures that doctors will be given full payment for the amount of care they provide.

The physician payment system of Medicare through the new law is also to be steered towards giving rewards for the type and quality of care provided to patients rather than just the quantity of care prescribed. The Actuaries at the CMS have made an estimation that those percentage of Medicare physician payments within the payment model encouraging better quality of care have the chance of more than doubling in the next 4 years from a figure of 25% in 2015 to 60% by 2019 because of the emergence of this law. This law and others of this type will be of help to the Administration in leading the health care system to become one which provides better quality care, which spends in a smarter manner and ultimately which results in healthier individuals. The law will also help in the improvement of practices run by doctors by allowing data which is protected by Medicare to be shared with doctors.

The law is also helpful as it extends CHIP which has helped in providing more than 8 million children with proper health coverage. It has allowed the uninsured rate of children to be cut by around 60% since it began in 1997 out of which 1/4th of the reduction was due to the signing of the reauthorization program by the President in 2009. The law also allows the continuation of the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Programs, protects the access to care through health centers in the community and helps in making permanent programs for helping low income families and individuals to pay their Medicare premiums amongst others.

The reforms suggested as part of this law are a result of the progress which was made with the Affordable Care Act around 5 years ago. In the past 5 yrs, prices of health care have risen very slowly in comparison to the way they raised in the past 50 years. Quality of health care has also improved with fewer patient deaths and more and more Americans gaining healthcare coverage.


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