Travelling Overseas? Revisit Your Medicare Coverage

One of the biggest concerns for those travelling abroad is whether they will be covered by their Medicare coverage plan throughout the time of their stay overseas. Do not fret, for we have everything covered.
If you are indeed planning such a trip, do make sure that you get in contact with your Medicare plan representatives to discuss all the available options. They would help you understand how Medicare can be of assistance, and would answer all relevant queries.
Many supplemental plans are in place to accommodate customers taking a trip overseas. But to be clear, the Medicare plan originally is not responsible for covering the insurance while you are travelling abroad that is, outside the premises of U.S.

Overseas emergency cost- coverage plans

Medigap Plans that serve internationally to cover healthcare emergencies of customers travelling abroad involve C, D, F, G, M and N. For medical emergencies occurring abroad, around 80% of the healthcare costs are covered annually by the $250 deductibles made by the Medigap Plans C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, M and N. The plan is responsible for covering costs that are generally not covered by the original Medicare plan and also costs incurred during your trip’s first 60 days. The lifetime limit offered by the Foreign Medigap plan is of $50,000.
To be more precise, your registration with Medigap is of utmost importance if you require coverage assistance outside of the U.S. but certain conditions apply. The following three situations would decide whether you are applicable for receiving Medigap healthcare insurance when travelling abroad:-
• The medical emergency incurred is within the U.S. however a foreign hospital is nearer as compared to the closest U.S. hospital for treatment.
• The medical emergency has been incurred while moving through Canada to travel to the U.S. However the nearest hospital for treatment is Canadian as compared to the domestic care center which is further. Medicare would analyze the situation on case-by-case basis and check whether it is reasonable or unreasonable.
• You are a U.S. resident however the closest hospital to where you live is a foreign hospital and not a U.S. hospital. Here regardless of an emergency or not the treatment is given and considered.
To revise Medicare’s policy one more time, for those U.S. residents who travel abroad, the original Medicare plan does not offer any coverage however luckily Medigap does.


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