You have the option to save up on prescription medications

There are around 10,000 people in America turning 65 years on a daily basis and many continue to join the growing number of those enrolled in Medicare programs, all trying to control the cost of their health care. Amongst the worries which people have is how best they can afford and manage the not-so-simple prescription drug regimen. A recent survey has showed that more than 1/3rd of Medicare beneficiaries who were surveyed are concerned with respect to prescription drug costs. Meanwhile, every fifth individual says that they have had to make sacrifices, for example delaying having their prescription filled or skipping on their doses to be able to manage the cost of their medication. Seniors should know how to manage the cost of their prescription drugs as it can be very critical to the maintenance and management of their health.

To be able to take medicines in the right manner and on time does not have to be in conflict with saving money and making ends meet. What a number of senior Medicare beneficiaries may not know is that depending upon the way their insurance plan is designed, something as small and simple as where they get their prescriptions filled can significantly impact the amount they have to pay. There are some who have been able to save on hundreds of dollars in co-pays by getting their prescriptions filled at a pharmacy which comes within the preferred pharmacy network as part of their plan. Additionally, some seniors may also be of the opinion that once the open enrollment period of Medicare is over, the opportunity for them to take advantage of saving on prescription drugs finishes as well however that’s not the case. Beneficiaries of Medicare can sassily switch pharmacies whenever they wish in order to have access to medications which cost less.

One of the best and quickest ways through which seniors can explore cost saving options is for them to ask their local pharmacist to provide them with the estimates of prescription drug costs which is based on the plan they have selected. For example Walgreens is part of the network of the hundreds of Medicare prescription drug plans and also participates in the preferred networks of 9 of the largest national sponsors of Part D Medicare. These networks have been designed in order to offer individuals with ways of saving up on their medications and pharmacists can also review on cost saving options which can be offered to their customers which could include looking up a low cost generic medication in place of a branded one.

Pharmacists at Walgreens can also offer seniors their advice on the medications they need to take and help them in identifying any drug interactions which could have the potential to harm them. Community pharmacists too offer a wide range of health care services which are not only important but preventive as well. These may include health testing, immunization and even helping patients in managing their prescription drug regimen. These pharmacists have also begun to work more closely with physicians and other health care providers then they used to before.


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