CLEARWATER, Fla — e-TeleQuote Insurance, Inc., a digital insurance marketplace that helps Medicare eligible beneficiaries find healthcare plans that best meet their needs, announces they have transitioned their workforce of 500+ employees to an environment in which they will work at home. This move not only allows the company’s employees to continue working during this unstable time, but also allows the organization to continue to help Medicare-eligible people across the country during a time when they need it the most.    

To make this move possible, the company made an investment of over half a million dollars. e-TeleQuote purchased more than 400 new computers, headsets, and cameras, as well as 800 new monitors. This endeavor also included a massive effort to create underlying technologies to support its team of licensed insurance agents in working from home. These technologies ensure digitally secure work environments that meet both Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements and standards set forth by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  

“I am extremely proud of our organization,” says Anthony P. Solazzo, CEO and Founder of e-TeleQuote. “We knew that making this type of transition would not be easy. We knew it would take an extra effort by all of us to achieve it in the short amount of time with which we had to work. To accomplish this goal demonstrates the agility of our leadership, and the resilience of all of our employees to adapt to a difficult situation. We all found a way to continue to provide services for the people who really need it — most of whom are over the age of 65.” 

The continuity of the business and providing security for the vast majority of the company’s employees during an unstable economic environment was also important to Solazzo. “For many reasons, we have always worked hard to make sure that our business isn’t seasonal. Not the least of those reasons is wanting to provide year-round employment to a dedicated group of employees. Making sure we can provide an environment where our employees can work from home and continue to generate income for themselves and their family was a high priority. We understand that many people across the country are not afforded that opportunity during this time. The fact we can do that at such a critical time is something I consider to be one of the greatest accomplishments in my professional career.” 

Branden Edwards, the leader of e-TeleQuote’s Customer Support Team, was appreciative of the company’s efforts. “I am very thankful for what Tony and the e-TeleQuote team have done to make it possible for us to do our jobs at home. My wife, Sara, is a licensed insurance agent for e-TeleQuote and on our first day working at home, I was able to hear her enroll someone in a Medicare Advantage plan. Someone who needed her help. It made me feel good to know we were helping other people during this difficult time, while not having to worry about whether or not we had a job. And we’re able to do it from a safe environment!” 

e-TeleQuote has six locations across the country that will be impacted by this initiative, including its corporate office in Clearwater, Fla. The company also has two other centers in the state, one in Brooksville and one in Fort Lauderdale. The centers in New Braunfels, Texas, Phoenix, Ari., and Salt Lake City, Utah will all have employees working from home. 

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e-TeleQuote Insurance, Inc., the owner and operator of, is an independent digital insurance marketplace providing individuals the ability to purchase Medicare insurance from the comfort of their homes. The company diligently researches available plan options from multiple insurance carriers, helping people choose a plan that best suits their needs. e-TeleQuote provides personal consultation through experienced licensed Medicare advisors who suggest plan coverage options based on an individual’s particular needs. The company has proudly served tens of thousands of people across the United States.