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Licensed Medicare Agents

Join an agent-driven organization where you can hone your skills and focus on achieving your own career and financial goals. Agent positions at e-TeleQuote are full-time and year-round, with options for both work-from-home and in-office set-ups.

Why choose e-TeleQuote?

e-TeleQuote is agent founded and led, with a vision to sell lots and sell right. From start to finish, we believe our role is to assist callers in finding the plan that’s right for them – one that addresses their medical needs, doesn’t cause disruptive changes to their provider access, and fits their budget. We’re proud to have customers laud our agents for their patience, friendliness, and willingness to answer questions.

If you want to make a difference while making great money, e-TeleQuote is the place for you.

What makes us different?

  • Full-time, year-round positions
  • Representing variety of insurance carriers
  • Continuing development and on-the-job training
  • Life-changing bonuses, spiffs, and giveaways
  • Flexible schedule options
  • Unique referral partnerships

"Working at e-TeleQuote gives me the opportunity to work directly with the individuals I am serving. Helping connect Medicare beneficiaries with coverage that improves their lives is very satisfying, and I truly enjoy feeling that I am helping them in a meaningful way. It isn't easy to find a job where you can be on the front line providing service to the people who need it, while being able to earn a very generous salary. My position at e-TeleQuote allows me that direct connection to service while making a good living at the same time, which is a really special combination."

-- Brenna D.



Agent training at e-TeleQuote begins with a multi-week paid training that equips you to effectively assist Medicare beneficiaries across the country in finding a Medicare plan to suit their needs. This optimized training will prepare you to work efficiently within e-TeleQuote's proprietary technology platforms, as well as providing a number of well-tested sales strategies.

Regular training is provided throughout an agent’s time at e-TeleQuote, including one-on-ones with sales leaders to improve quality assurance, conversion, and pay-through rates; introductions to new policies, systems, benefits, or carriers; and regular tips for optimizing sales based on effective strategies tested throughout the agent base.

Training is completed in a virtual environment for safety and flexibility.

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