The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and reflection. It’s also a time to cultivate the spirit of generosity and compassion. Embracing the tradition of holiday giving, several of our e-TeleQuote leadership team recently engaged in a team-building activity designed to build bicycles that would be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Pinellas County in Tampa, FL. 

Giving back through team building

On a memorable Wednesday, December 13, our leadership team convened for a unique team-building experience. Divided into four teams, they immersed themselves in a series of engaging trivia activities. These included memory games, “never-have-I-ever” sessions to uncover new facets about their colleagues, the creation of a team chant complete with choreography, and the resolution of challenging riddles. Each successful completion earned the teams the necessary tools, parts, and pieces to assemble their bicycles, introducing an element of friendly competition as each team worked together to construct their bike first.

Bikes donated to Boys & Girls Club of Pinella County

Upon the conclusion of the spirited build-a-bike team-building competition, the teams received heart-warming news that the four bicycles crafted with enthusiasm and teamwork were to be generously donated to children associated with the Woodland Valley Boys & Girls Club of Pinellas County. For over 65 years, the Boys & Girls Club is dedicated to supporting underprivileged families through various programs. These initiatives encompass before and after-school care, providing homework help through tutors, and the establishment of a safe environment for youth, complete with fun and engaging activities.

The Boys & Girls Club’s overarching goal extends beyond immediate assistance as they aspire to ensure that every child they serve not only graduates high school but also develops meaningful relationships with companies to facilitate internships and forge a successful future within their community. Notably, the Club maintains an open-door policy, never turning away any child in need, and ensures that each participant receives a nourishing meal before heading home.

In the spirit of the season, this heartwarming initiative by our leadership team not only exemplifies the joy of giving but also underscores the profound impact that collective acts of kindness can have on the lives of those less fortunate. It serves as a reminder that the holiday season is not merely a time of personal reflection but an opportunity to extend a helping hand and make a lasting difference in the communities we serve.