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How to place a complaint to Medicare

How complaints and appeals are handled by Medicare is not a small matter. The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services have stated that they review more than 100,000 of these on a yearly basis. Almost 16,000 are filed by beneficiaries annually, which are related to hospital care while 18,000 are regarding nursing homes, hospice programs …more

Why have the pro-competition and managed care movements been successful?

Throughout the 50 years since Medicare began, Congress never seriously considered that Medicare could be extended to all Americans nor did they consider reducing the eligibility age of Medicare to below 65. This pattern was present even when national health insurance was at the top of the national agenda. When Medicare began in 1965, this …more

Better quality senior care possible through Medicare reform

An important component of providing the elderly with accessible health care is Medicare. The availability and quality of this care is affected by a number of factors. The reality of the relationship between Medicare and its providers suggests that at times, efforts made can be counterproductive. Similar to any insurance company, Medicare reimburses clinics and …more

So what’s the public opinion on improving Medicare?

Are the needs of the seniors being met adequately by Medicare or is there something which can be improved? A number of policymakers, elected officials and thought leaders have given their perspective on how the program can be changed. Limited efforts however have been placed at understanding how the public would change the design of …more

The Medicaid and Medicare law is now half a century old

Why should focus be placed on the law of Medicaid and Medicare? From a policy perspective, these two programs have always been analyzed but one of the significant changes which were brought about after the 1965 legislation was the bringing of 2 major federal statutes and along with them 3 additional branches of government within …more

The push needed by the healthcare system- Medicare’s doctor pay announcement

Everyone has heard about how medical care will change with the arrival of telemedicine. Instead of having to take time off work to go meet the doctor, all that would be required is to log in. However, we’re yet to actually be able to use it. This is exactly what a recent announcement made by …more

Wait time for Medicare appeals halved

Through Medicare, millions of seniors gain access to health care options which are affordable. However, similar to systems which are government funded, there can be problems along the way. When the coverage for a claim is in dispute, the beneficiaries of the service may be required to file an appeal and request for an appointment …more

You have the option to save up on prescription medications

There are around 10,000 people in America turning 65 years on a daily basis and many continue to join the growing number of those enrolled in Medicare programs, all trying to control the cost of their health care. Amongst the worries which people have is how best they can afford and manage the not-so-simple prescription …more

Open letter against forcing Medicare rebates being provided to beneficiaries

Almost 400 organizations, including a coalition with members from the pharmaceutical industry and insurers, have written an open letter to the US House of Representatives warning them against forcing drug makers to provide Medicare rebates to beneficiaries from lower income groups. The coalition, which is led by the Council for Affordable Health Coverage, arrived before …more

What are the Top Health Care Trends of 2015?

With the new Congress, health care has once again become an issue of debate. Due to this a number of policy debates which will take place in 2015 are likely to be quite symbolic and will result more in simple tweaks to the law. The health care policy however isn’t just a matter which the …more