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e-TeleQuote is Searching for a Chief People Officer to Lead Employee Engagement and HR in an Explosive Year of Growth

Following Primerica’s acquisition of e-TeleQuote earlier this year, the company is on a path to significant growth over the next three to five years. To successfully build, nurture, upskill, and engage a team that will drive the expected growth, the company is searching for a Chief People Officer (CPO).

Beyond typical HR management functions, the CPO will play a critical role in establishing a strong cultural foundation that will attract and retain the right individuals to support explosive growth. The CPO will create a work culture that embodies the company’s mission and core values and fosters employee satisfaction to maximize employee retention. In this integral role, the CPO will serve as a strategic partner of the senior management team, while motivating and empowering employees to work with purpose and direction.

The CPO will be responsible for the management of the company’s Human Resource Department including management of a growing staff of recruitment specialists, benefits managers, and other HR professionals who will work with the CPO to develop, implement, and align HR programs with business objectives.

The company is accepting applications from accomplished chief people officers/human resource professionals with 10-15 years of senior management experience. The right candidate will be a tech-savvy change-agent with a strong interpersonal and financial acumen who can keep an eye on the day-to-day details while moving the organization forward with actionable strategies that lead to measurable results.

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