House Votes to Delay ObamaCare Tax Penalty by Five Years

The House voted on Friday to delay for five years ObamaCare’s requirement to buy health insurance, the vote was 238-181, with almost all Democrats opposed. The bill now goes to the Senate where it will likely die.

Thousands of Medicare Doctors who participate in traditional Medicare face 24 percent pay cuts in April because of an initiative to restrain federal spending on the government healthcare program, which serves 50 million people today.  If lawmakers are unable to prevent Medicare reimbursement rates from seeing a 24 percent cut, many doctors may be forced to opt out and ultimately threaten the Medicare system.

The vote is linked to a critical issue facing the federal Medicare program known as “Doc Fix” which requires $138 billion before April 1 when the previously mentioned cut will take place. Republicans in the US House of Representatives offered a solution to gain the money by asking that the penalty that would be imposed on people that did not buy healthcare under the Affordable Care Act to be pushed back by five years. This did not sit well with democrats who have labelled the move as an attack strategy during an election year.


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